Grocery store home brands cost half as much as name brands: Consumers Assoc.

The price differences between name brands and home brands at Dutch supermarkets are growing. Currently, home brands are an average of 45 percent cheaper than name brands, compared to 24 percent in 2014, according to a study by consumers association Consumentenbond.

Researchers from the consumers’ association went to 15 supermarket chains and filled their shopping trolleys with 125 different products from top brands like Calve peanut butter and Ariel laundry detergent. They also filled another trolley with similar products, but from the supermarket’s home brand. On average, the home brand turned out to be 45 cheaper. Deen, Deka, Dirk and Vomar were the cheapest, being 48 percent cheaper than name brands.

For some products there were major differences in prices. Home brand dishwasher tablets and detergents are particularly cheaper than name brands. For example, home brand washing powder is on average 79 percent cheaper than Ariel. Other products, like long-life milk, had little to no difference in prices.

According to Consumentenbond, one explanation for the increasing price difference is that some supermarkets are merging their home brands with the even cheaper budget brand. “This is especially the case at Albert Heijn and Jumbo, but other supermarkets are following,” the association said. Some name brands also became more expensive.

The consumers association did not take specials into account with its price study. The researchers also did not look at possible quality differences.