Rams continue extension talks with Jalen Ramsey’s agent

In last week’s episode of Hard Knocks, Jalen Ramsey went house hunting in Los Angeles. It’s obvious the Rams cornerback intends to be there long term.

The Rams want him there long term, too.

They are continuing extension talks with Ramsey’s agent, David Mulugheta.

“I think those are things that we are working through,” Rams coach Sean McVay said, via Jourdan Rodrigue of TheAthletic.com. “He’s got a great agent that has been really good to work with. Obviously, Jalen is focused on playing football. Those are things that we are trying to handle kind of behind the scenes, if you will. But I think one thing we all know is Jalen is so refreshingly secure in himself and confident that it would be great if it gets done, but also you know this guy is not going to be distracted by what is or isn’t done. He’s going to go out and try to continue to demonstrate why he’s the best in the league at what he does.”

McVay was asked if he had a concern about the deal not getting done by the season opener.

“I have concerns about a lot of things in this world,” McVay said, “but Jalen is one of those guys — I think you guys have gotten a feel for — I don’t get the feeling that he’ll let anything really deter from his ability to play football. He’s the epitome of a competitor and I don’t see that being an issue. But it is something that we’d like to be able to work through.”

The Rams gave up two first-round draft picks in a midseason trade for Ramsey. Teams don’t give up that much for a rental, so they likely will have to make Ramsey the league’s highest-paid cornerback to keep him.

Ramsey, the fifth overall choice in 2016, will make $13.7 million on the fifth-year option.