For all of the photographers out there whether professional or amateur Beijing has plenty to offer in the way of delightful scenery and unusual subjects. There are of course all of the usual tourist sights. T

he Forbidden City, The Temple of Heaven, the nearby Great Wall of China, Beijing Zoo, colourful markets and oh so many more places of interest. But something you may not have heard of and which make a wonderful collection are the Hutongs of Beijing. Hutongs are the little streets and alleys of the city.

The real China, picturesque and interesting. Where there is always something new and unusual to see and photograph. This is the real China, at it’s best and most photogenic. They are particularly well suited to black and white photographs and will make a very interesting collection of memories of your photographic adventure in Beijing.

African Safari

For those of you interested in photographing wild animals what could be better than an African Safari. With well informed staff most Safaris offer the chance to see big game up close. If this is too expensive a holiday you can opt to travel independently and book a guide for the day. Apart from the exciting wildlife there are an abundance of unusual trees, flowers, insects, birds and of course people to provide plenty of subjects for your photographs.

Underwater Photography

If you are a keen diver you also have the chance to take wonderful underwater photographs. You have your choice of the Oceans and lakes of the world. One exceptionally good place to visit would be Malta. Located in the beautiful blue Mediterranean there are excellent opportunities for underwater photography. The water is exceptionally clean and clear. There are plenty of wrecks, fish and caves for you to explore and photograph. You could also take a boat to the nearby island of Comino to the famous Blue Lagoon.

Great Britain

If you have an interest in History and Photography what better place to enjoy both than Great Britain. Whether you chose to visit England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales there are an abundance of historical sites, castles, cathedrals, henges, medieval towns, Roman remains and beautiful scenery all of which are sure to please and delight the photographer.


For the more romantic photographer what better place than the home of romance – Paris. Atmospheric photos of the Left Bank, river views of the Seine and endless romantic cobbled streets and beautiful architecture. Not forgetting of course the magnificent Eiffel Tower itself and the spectacular views of Paris from the top. There are so many places of interest in Paris, the Louvre, Notre Dame, the Champs Elysees, Versailles, pretty pavement cafes, parks, museums and galleries. All of them just waiting for you and your camera.