We have had several enquiries about how you go about relocating to Cyprus.  Some of you think you can just move here and that is it now that Cyprus is part of the EU. That is not the case yet although there are changes coming. Rather than answer each of you individually I will put this answer on the site for everyone to see. It may answer questions for many of you.

Assuming you are an EU citizen you can enter Cyprus without any type of visa. After arrival in whichever town  or city you chose to live in, go to the local Alien and Immigration office, take your passport. They will give you the necessary forms to fill in and will give you an appointment for some time in the future. At the moment that is about 3 months. At your appointment you will be given a number and will have to wait your turn. This seems logical and easy enough except that they do not actually see you in numerical order!! Kind of defeats the number system but never mind.  They seem to book everyone in for the same time so just wait. Go prepared with water and something to read. Every member of the family must attend. Listen carefully to staff as various  staff members come in to the waiting room and speak either English or Greek and ask for various nations passport holders and see them in order of who seems to get to the door first.  Don’t loose your patience or shout this gets a very negative reaction and I saw one man being told to leave. As it take months to get an appointment just sit patiently and keep smiling!!

Take with you the completed form, signed and stamped recent bank statements from your Cyprus bank account, proof of income if retired, proof of employment if working or self employed, proof of monies etc elsewhere in the world, private health insurance documents  (essential you will be refused entry without this), copy of house rental contract to prove you have somewhere to live, marriage certificate if applicable or proof of union if living with someone.

If you are thinking of relocating to Cyprus rent a property for a few months before you decide to purchase anything. Don’t purchase before you have passed immigration just in case you fail to be admitted.

If you are bringing children of school age there is an article on Travel Advice Pages. Look on the left hand side of the main page and click on Cyprus. It is among the articles there.

At some point next year these rules will probably change. I have been told immigration will be easier for those in the EU.  I don’t have the details as yet. The site will be updated as soon as I have confirmation of the new regulations.

So for those of you thinking of relocating to Cyprus I hope this article is of some help and it lets you see that is is relatively easy compared to many countries.  Also whatever the difficulties you may encounter Cyprus is definitely worth the trouble.