The 2009 season of air shows has started. In our first article for these popular events we feature Air Power over Hampton Roads at the USAF’s base at Langley on April 24 – 26.

Langley AFB is located 3 miles north of the City of Hampton on the Virginia Peninsula. It is the home of the 1st and 192nd Fighter Wings and is the largest fighter base in the Air Combat Command of the USAF.

There is something for all the family at this impressive display of aviation, including a special area reserved for children.

Displays Include

The Thunderbirds, the premier demonstration squadron of the USAF who will once again delight the crowd with precision aerial maneuvers. The F15 Eagle Demo Team is one of the seven such teams assigned to the Air Combat Command to demonstrate the F15, a 2-seat aircraft for all weather, air to air and deep interdiction missions. Similar demonstrations will show the impressive capabilities of the F22A Raptor and F18C Combat Aircraft.

The USAF Heritage Flight was formed in 1997 in commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the USAF. It flies today’s fighters flying in formation with veteran aircraft of WW2, Korean and Vietnam veterans including such classics as the P51 Mustang and the F86 Sabre.

The Wings of Blue Parachute Team will once again amaze spectators with their aerial ballet and precision landings.

In addition to the military events, a host of professional aerobatic pilots will perform incredible feats of flying in a variety of aircraft.

Mohr Barnstorming appears in a Lloyd Stearman Biplane of 1943 vintage. His performance includes an 8-sided loop and an inverted pass waving to the crowd. Herb and Ditto provide the world’s only Smoke Ring Aerobatics in an ex-Navy T-28 Trainer. Fowler Big Dog Cary Jr brings his vintage T-33 with classic rolls and passes at 500 mph and as low as 100 feet. Kyle Franklinand Matt Younkin are the pilots performing in the Franklin’s Flying Circus. Kyle’s speciality is aerobatics in an ancient Waco biplane and crazy wing walking while Matt has brought a twin engined Beech 18 aircraft to the airshows. Not the normal aircraft for such flying! Finally, John Klatt an Air National Guard pilot puts his Staudacher S-300Dthrough some world class power aerobatics. These include outside loops and rolls at the Staudacher’sroll rate of 420m degrees per second.

Apart from all this aerial activity, the kids have a special area with rides and a carnival. Food vendors and the souvenir stall cater for all your other needs. The Hampton Airshow 2009 is going to be a great day out for all the family.