Although it is a  little early in the year to tell you about the Fall Festival Season we are already receiving enquiries at Travel Advice Pages. So we felt it appropriate to feature one of the world’s largest Harvest Festivals – The Wisconsin Cranberry Festival, held in Warren, Wisconsin. (50 miles northeast of La Crosse)

In 2008, with 110,000 visitors, Warren won “The People’s Award for the Best Wisconsin Town Weekend Festival.” Wisconsin is the largest producer of cranberries in the USA.


Cranberries are grown in wet and marshy areas in wide ditches known as “Bogs.” Banks around the beds allow the Bogs to be filled with water with the berries being harvested (skimmed) from the surface.

With so much to offer for all the family we can only give you a taste of the many attractions.

On Friday, 25th September, Wisconsin’s Biggest Marching Band opens the Parade. Each year people show their creativity and skill in the various competitions. These include, the Biggest Berry Contest, a Flower Show, a Quilt and Needlework Competition and one for the Photography Buffs. The local Lion’s Club provides lunchtime spaghetti if hunger strikes.

A must on Saturday, 26th September is a tour by bus of the Cranberry Marshes. Learn the history, see the techniques of the unique growing system and purchase your fresh cranberries. At 5pm you can refresh the inner man at the Lion’s Club Steak Fry.

On Sunday, 27 September the highlight is the Grand Parade, again with the Wisconsin Marching Band with such characters as Hillibilly Bob in his 1929 Ford. Be prepared to do some walking! The booths have a total frontage of 3 miles.  The Farm Market has over 100 vendors selling fall produce from pumpkins to Amish noodles. The Antique and Flea Market has surely a treasure among its 350 booths. Early Christmas shopping is possible with 850 stalls at the Arts and Craft Show.

Food figures largely and there are fabulous “CrantasticEats.” Start your day with pancakes topped with cranberry syrup. Try “Joanie’s” famous dinner plate sized cinnamon rolls and cranberry cream puffs. During the day you can munch your way through buffalo burgers, corn dogs, pizza, seafood and French, Bosnian or Mediterranean dishes. Do not forget the Cranfest favourite – Indian Fry Bread with all the toppings. There are 4 food courts to eat your way through.

At the end of the day have a cool drink at The Fire Station and stay for dinner at The Log Building.

Enjoy an interesting and fun weekend with all the family at The Wisconsin Cranberry Festival this September 25th – 27th, 2009.