Need a change from Disneyworld?  Check out the World’s Top Five Theme Parks

Nunber 1 is Cedar Point located in Sandusky, Ohio. The park boasts an amazing 17 Roller Coasters and is a thrill seeker’s delight. The classic wooden roller coaster the Blue Streak has provided 45 years of stomach churning thrills. The Corkscrew was the first to feature three loops. Disaster is a family coaster, and ridden completely in the dark. Junior Gemini is the perfect first ride for the kids, while Millennium Force is the most popular. The remainder of the 17 are just as scream-making.

Carousels provoke nostalgia and memories of a golden age. Cedar Point has three authentic machines providing a simple spin back in time. The Cedar Downs Racing Derby has 64 horses, four abreast racing at 15mph. Kiddy Kingdom Carousel is the kiddie’s delight with bears, rabbits, ostriches, a lion, tiger and chariots. The Midway Classic is a gentle ride on a beautiful carved steed.


Cedar Point has two great water rides. Snake River Falls is an 82 foot flume ride. From the edge of a hill, passengers plummet down at a 50 degree angle in 1.3 seconds creating a 1,600 square foot wave. Thunder Canyon is a 1600 foot white water raft ride through rocky canyons and rapids.

Cedar Point is the ultimate playground for children. The four areas include Camp Snoopy, Gemini Area, Planet Snoopy and Kiddy Kingdom. Be aware that there are certain minimum height restrictions on most of the rides.

Number two is Universal’s Islands of Adventure in Orlando, Florida. Take the family on an adventure through five fantastic islands. If your thing is roller coasters, the four on the islands are pulse pounding and stomach heaving examples. The Incredible Hulk’s Escape Vehicle will blast you from zero to 40mph in 2 seconds on an uncontrollable path of destruction. The brave ones can explore a medieval castle and ride on The Duelling Dragons coaster. This is a dragon dogfight passing inverted  within inches of other passengers. The Revenge of The Mummy and Woody Woodpecker’s Nuthouse Coaster complete the four rides.

In this park, age is unimportant and you can join the kids in the top attraction, The Amazing Adventures of Spider Man. The others are Shrek 4-D, The Cat in The Hat, the 8th Voyage of Sinbad and Dudley Do-Rights Ripsaw Falls which complete the children’s treats. 2010 will see the addition of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Europa Park at number 3 had 4 million visitors in 2007 and is the most popular seasonal theme park. The park is located in Rust which is between Freiburg and Strasbourg in Germany. Europark is based upon 12 European country areas plus Adventure Land and Children’s World. There are 9 roller coasters with the tenth, Blue Fire due to open in 2009.

Each area has its own great rides. Here are just a few examples to provide the unique flavour of this park. Adventure Land has its Mississippi Steamer while Germany provides the Elf Ride in a tow boat. England has a magic carpet ride in a London Bus, Holland offers a Koffiekopjes – a spinning coffee cup and as expected, Switzerland provides abobsleigh ride. Russia themes its space missions and Children’s World has an exciting Giant Slide Labyrinth. These are just a few of the great attractions at Europa Park. There are also daily shows including an Ice Show, a Gladiator Show and Aerobatics, in the Italianate Theatre.

Europa Park is particularly family oriented with the coasters perhaps a little less scary than other parks. Do not forget to meet the Park’s mascot which is a grey mouse called Euromaus and his friend Eurofant the elephant.

Holiday World and Splashin’  Safari Park comes in at Number four. Located in, Santa Claus, Indiana  this 100 acre site was opened in 1946. Its 4 Roller Coasters include The Voyage, the world’s top wooden coaster with 5 underground tunnels, The Legend with major drops of 113 feet and the world’s first spiral drop of 77 feet. The quartet is completed by The Raven and the family friendly, The Howler.

In the family rides, The Pilgrim’s Plunge is new for 2009 with a drop of 131 feet and a 90 foot wide splash. Three other family rides include The Star Spangled Carousel, The Raging Rapids and Hallow Swings, swinging  45 feet in the air. Kima Bay is the top water ride, featuring 7 water slides plus 100 water play elements and 125 water jets.

Finally, Six Flags Magic Mountain comes in at number five. This site, 30 miles northwest of Los Angeles boasts 16 Roller Coasters and 30 different rides. It is planned to add a new coaster in 2009 called The Terminator. On this, the cars will zip through 5 stomach dropping hills and 6 high speed banking turns over 2,850 feet of track.

Space constraints mean that we can only provide a taste of the other great rides at Six Flags. Enjoy the wham and bam of old fashioned bumper cars in Sandblaster. Ride theGrand Carousel which is a restored classic from 1912. Ride with Daffy Duck in an out of control tour bus. Join Pepe Le Pews Tea Party in a whirling tea cup. Try the water ride on Western  America’s first man made white river.

These  are the worlds top five Theme Parks.  As a break from Disney World and Disneyland give them a try. You will not be disappointed and you will experience unique thrills on their incredible rides.