In August of this year we wrote an article about Algonquin Park. We have received a letter here at Travel Advice Pages from Verna S who spent a holiday in the Park this summer with her Grandson and his friend. It was so interesting we thought you would all like to read it.

Here is an extract from Verna’s letter:

I took Jacob, our oldest grandchild, camping in Algonquin Park for 5 days. He also had a friend join him and 10 year old boys are busy.  We hiked different trails each morning and then biked along an abandoned railway turned into a biking trail each afternoon – approx 15 km.



“One amazing aspect of this camping trip was being part of a ‘Wolf Howl’.  It is an event that only occurs on Thursdays in the month of August, and only if the naturalists are able to locate a wolf pack within road access.  To participate, you check the bulletin board on the Thursday morning and then if there is a Wolf Howl, you are instructed to meet at an outdoor theatre, which is located along the main highway, halfway through the park.  You are instructed to have a full tank of gas in your vehicle and to meet at 8 pm.  The naturalists give an informative talk about the wolves in Algonquin Park and then everyone gets in their vehicles and are directed to the observation area to hopefully hear the wolves answer back to the naturalists who are calling to them.  The Thursday we were part of this Howl, there were 1460 people present which meant there were approx 300 cars heading down the highway.  That in itself was an amazing site to see all of these cars ahead and behind you.  When we reached the area of the Howl, they directed people to park along both sides of the highway and stand beside their cars.  At this point, the police have closed both directions of the main highway leading through the park and the line of parked cars on the side of the highway extended for at least one to one and a half miles.  This process of leaving the outdoor theatre and reaching our destination took approximately 90 minutes.  The organization and volunteer work was excellent and very efficient.  The night was warm and very clear and as you stood beside your car with no lights except the stars and moon – that also was an amazing experience.  Anyway when the naturalists starting howling to the wolves, there was complete silence – nobody coughed, sniffled, whispered, etc.  It was just so silent and yes the wolves answered back.  With all of the howling and yipping it sounded like the pack had a least 20 wolves.  What an incredible experience for the two 10 year old boys and Nana.

“they only have the Wolf Howls in August – the baby wolves  are now old enough to travel with the pack therefore the packs are on the move.  The naturalists spend each Tuesday and Wednesday night trying to locate a wolf pack that will answer them.  If they get a response from the same pack on both nights then they post the notice on the bulletin boards of each campground and at the many visitor’s centres throughout the park and I am certain it must be posted on the Algonquin Park website as well.  If they are unable to locate wolf packs on the Tuesday and Wednesday nights, then no Wolf Howl takes place and campers spend a quiet evening by their campfires instead.  The Wolf Howls have been occurring in Algonquin Park for the past forty years.  Prior to this, wolves were hunted throughout the park.  In the 1960’s, the Park asked a renowned naturalist to visit the park and study the wolf population and he replied yes but only if they stopped killing the wolves.  Wise man!  During this study period, it was decided to invite the campers to one of the Wolf Howls the naturalists were conducting.  They thought perhaps 30 people may be interested but 600 attended the first Howl.  It was deemed such a success that is has been part of the events offered at Algonquin Park ever since.”

What an amazing experience for all the family, really something not to be missed. A real Wow moment for the kids.

We hope you enjoyed Verna’s letter and her comments on her experiences at the Wolf Howl at Algonquin Park.

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